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Sensitive Skin Clinic products are created for skin that may be prone to redness, irritation, rosacea, acne. These sensitive skin products are plant based and designed to reduce redness and irritation, strengthen and build your skin's barrier function, and so reduce the effects of environmental hazards. As directed, they will work for skin that is dry, oily, combination, acne prone, or rosacea prone. 

Facial Services in Bellingham, WA

Anti-Aging Facial - 60 minutes

Anti-aging facial

Anti-Acne Facial - 60 minutes

Anti-Acne Facial

Anti-Redness Facial - 60 minutes

Anti-Redness Facial

Specialized Peels - 75 minutes

Specialized Peels

Consultation - 15 minutes

Andrew Soular

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Sensitive Cleansers

Woman caring for her sensitive skin

Sensitive Exfoliators

Woman applying exfoliator

Sensitive Serums

Man getting sensitive serum applied

Sensitive Mask

Sensitive Mask

Sensitive Moisturizer

Man using moisturizer

Sensitive Eye Product

Woman applying cream near her eye

Sensitive Anti-Aging

Older woman with sensitive skin

Sensitive Sunscreens

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Consultation (Skype)

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