The packaging selected for these products is critical to the goal of delivering safe skincare products that are not dependent upon the use of strong or potentially hazardous quantities of preservatives. Preservatives are essential in all plant based products in order to make them safe and free of harmful microbes. For more information about preservatives please view the video at the lower right. The individual containers are also suited to their application as leave-on or wash-off products. 

Video: Safe Containers

Airless pumps:   (all the 1.7oz and 0.5oz containers)
Oxygen will oxidize and break down vital organic (carbon based) plant ingredients. The less air around those ingredients the better, so airless pumps keep the Sensitive Skin Clinic products most potent and effective. We do not use jars, as jars allow a large amount of exposure to air every time they are opened. 

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Opaque containers

(all the product containers are solid white).
Light (including all light, not just sunlight) will deplete or degrade vital organic plant based ingredients in the product. Degraded ingredients are a potential source of skin irritation. Companies that utilize clear containers will usually include sunscreen ingredients in their products so that light does not degrade the ingredients. Sunscreen ingredients in this case can add to potential irritation on sensitive skins. Light will also degrade ‘added color’ which is often used to mask an unpalatable color from some natural ingredients. Artificial color is often a skin irritant. 

For all products:

 Our containers are filled in strictly monitored, hygienic and state-of-the-art facilities in Southern California. 

Responsible packaging

To reduce our carbon footprint, you will notice that our products do not arrive with fancy or wasteful extra boxes or slip covers. Our packing filler material is bio-degradable starch that can be composted. Our boxes are recyclable and not bleached. 

Video: About Preservatives

Your skin stays with you for the rest of your life, you cannot buy a new one, so treat it properly.

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