Sensitive Exfoliators


Gentle + Exfoliate Gel. 2 fl. oz MSRP: $20

Item #: X20 - Gentle + Exfoliate Gel will help even skin tone and texture - but this will happen slowly as you should not use aggressive exfoliators on your skin if you suffer with sensitive skin. This gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin contains soothing sea whip and licorice, 2.6% combined glycolic and lactic acids, plus 2% betaine salicylates from beets at an overall 4.0pH. Gentle +...
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No Dry Skin + Enzyme Gel 2 fl.oz MSRP: $39

Item #: X21 - No Dry Skin + Enzyme Gel gives you smoother, brighter, non flakey looking skin! Rapidly remove dry skin and make it even textured. See dramatically smoother skin in just 2 - 3 days. All without irritation. This gentle exfoliating enzyme gel for sensitive skin contains Galactoarabinan from the North American Larch Tree as the primary enzymatic ingredient, supported by enzymes from Cranberries, plus the...
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Smooth + Calm Enzyme Exfoliate

Smooth + Calm Enzyme Exfoliate. MSRP: $20.

Ideal for sensitive, red skin that is difficult to exfoliate due to a weak or compromised skin barrier. You too can achieve Smoother, Brighter, non flakey looking skin! Smooth + Calm Enzyme Exfoliate rapidly removes dry skin and makes it even textured. See dramatically smoother skin in just 2 - 3 days. 

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