Sensitive Mask

Soothe + Hydrate Mask

Soothe + Hydrate Mask. MSRP: $40.

Item #: K20 - Soothe + Hydrate Mask is an amazing plant based mask that contains the optimal quantity of soothing sea whip as well as non-irritating and non-allergenic allantoin (present in botanical extracts of comfrey) and will reduce redness and irritation within minutes of application. This sensitive skin mask contains soothing sea whip and pro Vitamin B5.The pro Vitamin B5 (panthenol) helps your skin retain it's natural moisture content as well as create a sense of softness and...
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Calm + Moisture Mask

SSC Calm + Moisture Mask. MSRP: $40.

This AMAZING Sensitive Skin Clinic mask will Un-Red your skin because it contains a fractional amount of resorcinol (a natural phenol in Argan oil/aka Moroccan oil) as well as Chamomile and Aloe. It can be used on all skin types (dry to oily).  Calm + Moisture Mask is an amazing plant based mask that will 

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