What We Exclude

No sodium laurel or laureth sulfates

 (overly-harsh detergent cleansing agents)

No parabens

 (a danger to your health) 

No lanolin

 (animal product) 

No propylene glycol

 (an irritating synthetic solvent) 

No petrolatum

 (non-nutritive synthetic product)      

No solvent alcohols

 (damages skin barrier, dries and irritates) 


No solvent alcohols (damages skin barrier, dries and irritates)
No synthetic color (potential irritant)
No synthetic fragrances, only natural plant extracts (synthetic fragrances invariably irritate skin)
No comedogenic ingredients (clogged pores increase potential irritation)
No harsh preservatives nor formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (a danger to your health and skin irritants)
No phthalates (potential danger to your health)
No BPA (Bisphenol-A) (potential danger to your health)
No BHT (potential danger to your health) 

Your skin stays with you for the rest of your life, you cannot buy a new one, so treat it properly.
Treat it sensitively. Sensitive Skin Clinic is intelligent skin care that you and your skin deserve.