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Before moving to Washington, Andrew operated two top-rated spas in competitive San Francisco under the brand "Blue Turtle Spa". He earned 5-Star standing on Yelp! 

Andrew earned a 5-star reputation for his Bellingham Sensitive Skin Clinic spa, too!

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From Sonja S.

 The Ageless + Serum has been my youth Serum. I have tried many products with many claims and I do not need to experiment any more. This is what I found after using Andrew’s formula for four weeks: my crows feet faded away within the first few days; when my laugh lines almost disappeared within a week, I had the thought that I must be gaining weight in my face; my forehead skin is smoother and I anticipate the lines will soften with time. 

 I have been Andrew’s customer for seven years and totally trust him and his products. Oh, and he provides unhesitatingly excellent customer service . 

-- sent via the website, August 22, 2019

Recent 5-Star raves from Gen Book

So glad to have had 2 professional facials

 Andrew's work is great. I trust him, he knows what he is doing, and doesn't rush through treatments. Andrew shares his knowledge and his perspective on skin care readily. He does not push products, but recommended some to me in a way that gave me ease in accepting or declining those recommendations. I would continue to be a client when the opportunity arises.

-- Constance D Aug 18, 2019 

great experience


I really like Andrew's determination to educate me on how skin "works" and how to best care for it. No big complicated plan, just good sound advice. A wonderful facial with visible results. Better yet, I think it will last along with my new found knowledge on care. I highly recommend this skin care clinic.

-- Martha Willliams Nov 16, 2018 

Amazing as Always!


I have been a long-time customer of Andrew's since back in the day when we both lived in San Francisco. Sadly, we were separated for a few years when I moved abroad and he moved to Washington. But now I live in Seattle and traveled two hours especially to see Andrew which was totally worth it! He is extremely knowledgeable, gives you the best skincare advice on the planet, truly cares about his clients, and is very personable. Would give 10 stars if I could. You're the best, Andrew!

-- Michelle E Aug 26, 2018 

Delighted Clients from Yelp... & More Genbook-ers, too!

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August 12, 2018. Natosha S. 5 Star Review at Genbook.

Best Facial Experience Ever!
Andrew is a dedicated and passionate professional. He values providing education and an effective skin care approach. I really like his products and presentation as well. I highly recommend his services to those with any skin care issue! Thank you for the lovely experience and facial, Andrew! 

Jun 11, 2017. Kerrie P. 5 Star Review at Genbook.

  "I very much enjoyed my consultation with Andrew. He was extremely helpful, kind, and understanding. He told me what I could do to help my skin (Dry, Rosacea prone) and his explanation as to why made good sense. More info than I received from my Derm. I purchased some products and cannot wait to try. I asked about purchasing more but he said what I was using is fine. What a breath of fresh air not having to buy more than you need! Truly genuine person that cares. I'll report back soon! " 

Apr 19, 2017. Y.I. 5 Star Review at Genbook.

 Love ❤️ "I enjoyed my consultation! Andrew was very straight forward, honest and kind. I am very pleased and happy I was referred to him to help and I recommend the video chat so you know exactly why to purchase. He is awesome! I look forward to my skin transformation! Will be back to write more Y.I."  

Sep 24, 2016. Cassandra T. 5 Star Review at Genbook.

"He was very helpful and provided me with a lot of information about my skin that my dermatologist didn't even tell me. Broke everything down to me and I feel I have a better understanding of my skin. Ordered a few of his products (that he didn't push on me I had to ask him what products from your line do you recommend for me?) So excited to get my skin back thanks to Andrew!!!" 

Dec 20, 2015. Nette J. 5 star rating on Yelp.

"I still have five stars for Blue Turtle Spa and the excellent knowledge and service Andrew provides. While I'm very sad that Andrew will no longer be providing facials, I'm happy to still have access to his well-curated base of skin care products. He provides detailed reasons why he offers each product as well as great instructions on how to use them. Knowledge is power--thanks for sharing yours, Andrew!"

Nov 8, 2015. Katherine L-W. 5 Star rating on Yelp

"I have been seeing Andrew for my skin care since 2011 (just before my wedding) and his products and services have literally revolutionized my skin. From helping me combat dryness on long plane flights, to showing me how to maintain the appropriate oils on my skin, to literally ridding me of the painful and rather large blemishes that I was getting underneath my chin. (I haven't had one in years and they used to occur regularly.) I cannot recommend Andrew's knowledgable approach more highly."

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Nov 4, 2015. Ellen. 5 Star rating.

"I always love Andrew's facials. They revitalize my skin, help me relax, and he is a wealth of knowledge about natural holistic skin care. My skin feels and looks great afterwards and I feel equipped to take care of it with a skin care routine that Andrew tailors to my needs."

Nov 1, 2015. David H. 5 Star rating.

"I first visited Andrew in 2012 or 2013, seeking to address some concerns about about my skin and its health. I have been more than delighted to find Andrew extremely knowledgeable and direct. I am very happy with the results, the preventative care I'm following and my dialogue with him. I also learned a lot about the over-the-counter skin products I had been using. Cannot recommend Andrew highly enough."

Oct 27, 2015 .Paula F. 5 Star rating.

"Not only does Andrew give an exceptional facial, but he is also a skin care expert - with his own line of products. What a rare combination of talent and experience. Thank you, Andrew!"

Oct 26, 2015. Wanda N. 5 Star rating.

"Once again I experienced pure bliss under the gentle hands of Andrew. He knows skin like no other, and knows how to care for it in such a soothing way. I will miss him!"

Oct 4, 2015. E.B. 5 Star rating.

"There is no better facial expert than Andrew. He has studied all aspects of the skin plus he is also knowledgeable about diet so that the inside supports the outside. Bravo!"

Sep 29, 2015. Kati. 5 Star rating.

"Great facial, very hydrating and Andrew knows is stuff and is very serious about the health of your skin!"


More Comments from Delighted Clients

Aug 19, 2015. Noelle S. 5 Star Rating.

Very Knowledgeable.
I've visited quite a few skin experts recently. Andrew stands out because his approach to healing my inflamed skin was very unique. After analyzing my skin, he knew exactly what my skin requires to reach homeostasis again, a lot of it being changing my bad skincare routine habits. Which most people are told to do by dermatologists! He also does a ton of research on skin products! A very reliable skin expert!  

Aug 15, 2015. Nick L. 5 Star Rating.

Andrew is the best!

Super thorough & knowledgeable like everyone else says. Definitely coming back sometime soon. Competitive prices, super easy appointment-scheduler w/friendly email reminders.

Jul 27, 2015. Pierre-Louis D. 5 Stars.

First time, no complaints, only praises !

On top of the lovely environment and Andrew's vast knowledge, there's no small talk during treatment, its such a comfortable atmosphere.

Jul 27, 2015. Devin S. 5 Star Rating.


Andrew is a godsend. He has helped my skin tremendously, after years of dryness/acne and all sorts of skin imbalances. He is phenomenal. I live across the country and Andrew is the first person I call when I get to San Francisco! He is simply wonderful!!

Jul 23, 2015. Mary S. 5 Star Rating.

Altogether excellent… 

Andrew gave me my first facial 3 appointments ago. I will continue to return because he is so well informed in giving me a thorough treatment. The ambiance is comforting and I emerge relaxed, my skin glowing. Thank you Andrew.

Jul 10, 2015. Amy U. 5 Star Rating.

One of the BEST experience I had for this year so far. Andrew is incurably amazing, I am very happy to find this place and its gonna be my FAV. 

And, Still More from our Clients...

Woman Receiving Spa Treatment

Years of Making People's Sensitive Skin Healthy

5/31/2015 Anna S. 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
Experience at Blue Turtle with Andrew made me feel that it's time for Yelp review.   Andrew seems very well informed about what general skin needs are, I felt like being on biology lesson when he took a time to discuss bunch of products I was currently using.   After facial I got honest conclusion about my current skin condition in very straightforward way. Andrew's reply was not to use "detergents" on my face, be gentle and respectful to my skin. He also pointed out areas on my face where I should not use moisturizer. He does not sugar code the truth.  I loved his attitude that day! Andrew recommended cleanser and exfoliator to use during next 4 weeks, I'm looking forward to see how my skin is going to improve when used as directed.   I only wish that, it was early in the day when I was leaving Spa because I looked great even without makeup, after this fabulous and glowing facial.   

May 22, 2015. Danielle K. 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
Andrew is incredibly attentive and helpful to all your unique skin needs. His facial experience is calming and cleansing, and Andrew has single handedly made my skin stronger.    since my last facial with him 4 months ago, I have used his gentle cleanser and exfoliate products and I've seen great results.   He is amazing and so good at treating skin! he also takes a very scientific approach to his practice which I found very helpful   

May 22, 2015 E.C. 5 Star Rating.
'The Best' Andrew is a skin guru! I've never met anyone who is so knowledgeable and successful with skincare - turned my skin around. thank you!!!   

May 17, 2015 Holly F. 5 Star Rating.
'Smart' Andrew is the best in SF! He knows what your skin need to be healthy and guides you through home maintenance.   

May 17, 2015 R.B. 5 Star Rating.
'Andrew saved my skin' I have extremely dry, flaky skin and I also have some adult acne because of stress. After I saw Andrew earlier this year, I followed the skin regimen he suggested and my skin looks great now! My skin is no longer dry nor flaky. I have been using Andrew's products religiously and the products are reasonably priced. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable, so I highly recommend him.   

May 15, 2015 Sheila M. 5 Star Rating.
'Birthday Gift' My sister and I treated my daughter to a "Love your Skin" facial, as a birthday gift. She loved Andrew! He sat down with her, went over her skin care regimen, gave her great tips and advice, and then a relaxing, facial. She was nervous about receiving a lecture, and instead found--that she was being treated as a partner in her own care! That's the way it should be, she will definitely be returning! Andrew is the best!   

May 13, 2015. Kate B. 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
Andrew is incredible. He will transform your skin and make it better than you ever imagined possible. Not only is he any amazing facialist but he is also a scientist and knows the chemistry behind your skin and the products he has created. He uses the highest quality vegan, non-animal tested products and he really proves to you that natural products beat chemical any day. Also, I live between NY and SF so whenever I am in NY I love that I can order his stuff online. He is also super willing to answer any questions I have via email to maintain my glowing skin when I am away.   I can't wait to go back and see him even though he has shown me how to maintain my skin even when I am away!   

April 29, 2015 Margie J. 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
Great Facial! I'm happy so say my skin feels amazing! Is great to finally find a good place for skin care, I lost my aesthetician and I can't find her I know she is around but in the mean time I will be happy to come here once in a while as my City treat. I will come back and I'll bring couple of my great friends!   

April  21, 2015. marya k. 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
I must add to my previous review that Andrew's Sensitive Skin Ageless+Serum is amazing! I have been using it since I wrote my review--It absorbs immediately into your skin (like no other product I've tried) and hydrates and nourishes without any feeling of residue or shine (no irritation or clogged pores either)--your complexion just looks and feels freshened and firmer! Highly recommended along with Andrew's wonderful facials/treatments!!!